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The Proffessional Player's Answer


For 8 or 9 or 10 Ball or any other rack of Billiards
RackTight is the most exciting sportsmanship advancement in the game of Billiards since the development of International Rules!

Well ladies and gentlemen there have been quite a few threads on regarding new racking systems....template or no template....tapping the balls or not to tap....Racktight is a system that requires very little maintenence, only needs to be replaced when your cloth is being replaced, can't get stolen and best of all will help to improve tournament play! With Racktight, anyone can rack a perfect rack of 9-ball, 8-ball or whatever game you want to play in under 30 seconds! No more messing with the rack or arguements between players, with this system EVERYONE receives the IDENTICAL rack, perfectly frozen and perfectly straight.

Get your close up look at how Perfect Racks are served up EVERYTIME in lobby demonstrations at the Tournaments in Valley Forge and Toronto, March 16 - 20.
Just visit the Diamond, Simonis, and the OB booths
to see RACKTIGHT for yourself!

The Proffessional Player's Answer

RackTight applied to Simonis 860 Tournament Cloth

RackTight brings Sportsmanship and player equality to every rack!
Solving the Age Old Problem: There has been a steady stream of racking devices developed over time all trying very hard to satisfy the problem of the bad rack. From different materials, to elaborately designed gizmos, we have seen them all. We have seen them all fail to acknowledge let alone answer the real problem.

Its not about how you rack, its not about tapping or not tapping, or even the material or design of the device used. The problem is the accidental lay of the balls, and that they are randomly placed by human eye somewhere close to the head spot that may or may not be tight or even crooked to the center line of the table. Nothing has answered the problem of standardization. As result, it seems no player can avoid suffering the consequences of a bad rack, until now.

Tournament RackTight: has raised the standards for racking, where no other method has answered the problem TOURNAMENT RACKTIGHT can offer every player in a tournament, to break from exactly the same position and tight rack that their opponent gets, every time!

Tournament RackTight is a fine film pattern easily applied to the cloth of a table. With a RackTight pattern on the table, you can set up the same perfect rack, by hand, for every game. The pattern has no effect on game play but will hold a stationary rack of balls in exactly the same tight rack position every time. RackTight is installed only once and requires no maintenance, but lasts for the life of the cloth. Under normal conditions RackTight is only replaced when the table is being reclothed.

The TOURNAMENT RACKTIGHT racking system was engineered in Asia ten years ago and has slowly made its reputation in consistency and credibility so that major tournaments are now being played on RackTight equipped tables. RackTight, is the Professional Players answer to the Bad Rack, and all players are liking it.

For more information or TO ORDER TOURNAMENT RACKTIGHT send enquires to:
Grace Nakamura
(615) 562-3992


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